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We are a sustainable and ecologically friendly UK based slow-fashion brand, offering entirely handcrafted leather items to last a lifetime. We'd like to remind people that nothing on this planet is limitless and show them the beauty of traditional production, processes, and materials. Through fashion, our mission is to make a durable contribution towards helping people remember to love and respect our incredible planet.

Chestnut handmade vegetable tanned rucksack and convertible messenger



What sets us apart?

All BennyBee pieces are entirely handstitched. Saddle stitching is a dying art, abandoned by most brands in the pursuit of higher profit margins. At BennyBee we recognize how crucial this production technique is in the creation of heirloom items.

Each and every product is made end-to-end in our own workshop. There is no middleman or outsourcing bills to pay - simply the fair price for top quality handcraft.

The Rucksack is a chance to express your individuality and sense of style. This piece is joyous and speaks loudly to one’s sense of fun and adventure!

A Messenger should withstand the test of time in every sense. It is a staple piece, a classic, that won’t go out of style. Pay close attention to quality and invest in a bag that will last.